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Designing Luck | A Guide to Loot Distributions
Harness the power of weighted probabilities to create an intuitive loot system, where items can be placed into tiers like common and rare and drawn.
Making an Atmospheric Farming Sim in 24 Hours!
Just a brief devlog and postmortem on the farming sim I built for the GMTK2020 Game Jam.
Making Pixel Art UI in Aseprite
Learn some helpful tips for pixel art UI design in this post.
22 Byte-Sized Pixel Art Tips
A few interesting bytes of advice about pixel art that I've learned from a week's worth of practise.
Writing a Game Design Document [Trac3 Devlog #1]
I've been working on a game about electronics and infosec, and here's a first devlog, as well as some thoughts on creating a GDD for your game.
Programming a Unit Obfuscator in Python
It's interesting how some units can be obfuscated, or expanded, by multiplying and dividing by other units that cancel to arbitrarily high powers. This goes over how I tried to automate the abuse of dimensional analysis.
The Best 3 Ingredient Sweet Iced Tea
My first 'recipe' on this site. Here's how I prep really fast iced tea that takes no work and can be left overnight as well as batched. Also, it's super cheap!
Digital Note Taking with Atom and LaTeX
LaTeX is a powerful typesetting system, and you can leverage it to take digital notes. Learn how to set it up in the Atom IDE in this tutorial.
Making a Light Alarm Clock with Arduino + RTC for Beginners
This simple Arduino project shows you how to make a beginner-friendly light based alarm clock with an real-time-clock module, arduino nano, and LEDs.
On Snowdrifts
Given some amount of snow, how can one get rid of it and clear the driveway, without a boring shovel? Incidentally, I've been practicing my thermochemistry and python, so I'm making a calculator.