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Make a Simple Aurora Shader in Blender
Build an aurora shader to learn some Blender shading tricks and common techniques, as well as my complex shader construction workflow.
Elements of Motion Graphics | Part 4: Adding Postprocess Effects + Video Editing
In part 4 of the EoMG series, use postprocessing/compositing effects to add some visual flair, like glitches and scanlines!
Elements of Motion Graphics | Part 3: How to Animate in Blender 2.8x + Motion Design Applications
In part 3 of the EoMG series, learn how to use basic animation tools in Blender and apply them to create custom motion graphics!
Elements of Motion Graphics | Part 2: Design and Composition
In part 2 of the EoMG series, we'll be arranging our atomic toolkit from part 1 into well designed compositions using both theory and practical examples!
Elements of Motion Graphics | Part 1: Atomic Toolbox
In part 1 of the EoMG series, we'll be creating geometric primitives, modifying them, shading them, and combining them, finishing with a toolkit of shapes to compose in part 2.
Using Blender Physics to Build a Trebuchet
Use Blender's Physics Engine to build and animate the superior siege engine: A TREBUCHET!
Texturing Low Poly Art with Colour Palettes in Blender
In this quick Blender Low Poly tutorial, learn how to use Colour Palettes to texture a simple low poly model.
Animated Text Effects (Typography Motion Graphics)
Learn to make four animated text-based motion graphics effects in Blender 2.8x! These are modern/scifi UI themed, and fairly simple to make, as well as easily customizable.
Five Easy Motion Graphics Effects in Blender (in 15 Minutes!)
Learn to make five easy motion graphics effects in Blender, by utilizing the power of 3D to animate a variety of 2D motion graphics effects.
Animated Star Spirals - Long Exposure Curvilinear Motion Blur In EEVEE
Learn to use the screw modifier and some shader tricks to fake curvilinear motion blur in Blender EEVEE!
Making a Weapon Scope in Blender (Hardsurface Modelling Workflow)
Learn to make a Sci-Fi Weapon Scope in Blender 2.8x in this tutorial, which goes over some useful techniques in hard surface modelling without any paid add-ons.
Making de_dust2 in Blender – Part 2: Low Poly Materials & Lighting
We're making de_dust2 in Blender in the low poly style, and this tutorial goes over tips for adding colour, higher resolution details and setting up a low poly scene.
Making de_dust2 in Blender - Part 1: Super Low Poly
Learn how to block out a model from scratch, in this case, one of the most famous FPS maps of all time: Dust II.
A Guide to Making a Robot Character in Blender: Materials and Scene Composition
To complete our robot model, we'll be setting up decals, stylized materials and lighting.
A Guide to Making a Robot Character in Blender: Modelling Details
Learn how to add custom cables, vents and armour plating in this tutorial.
A Guide to Making a Robot Character in Blender: Rigging
Become a puppeteer and develop an easy and fast IK rig for mechanical objects, particularly bipedal robots.
A Guide to Making a Robot Character in Blender: Modelling I
Start off the Robot Character series by making the robot basemesh, with mechanically plausible details, like joints and sockets.
How to Make a Low Poly Ferris Wheel
Animating nonlinear rotations is rather difficult, and this tutorial will show you how to design and animate a ferris wheel scene with some handy tricks and modifiers.
Hyperspace II - Switching to Cycles
How to make a Starfall effect in cycles, continued from the previous tutorial.
Animating a Hyperspace Effect in Blender 2.8 (Tutorial)
Build a realtime hyperspace-jump effect with Blender's new EEVEE engine. Learn motion blur, basic animation, and particle systems!
How to make an Arcade Machine
I'll be going over how to make and design a simple arcade machine in Blender and apply some procedural materials and textures.
How to make a Low Poly AK47 (Part 2 - Animation)
This is process to make a quick gun animation in Blender, as well as polishing details on the AK47 from previous.
How to Make a Low Poly AK-47 (Part 1)
I'll show you how to model and develop an NPR shading model for a low-poly AK-47 in EEVEE.
Animating a Stylized Pixel Planet in Blender 2.8
Use the power of Blender to animate a turning pixel planet with clouds from NASA!
Blender 2.8 Ocean Scene Tutorial - How to Make a Cyberpunk Ocean with EEVEE
Use Blender's incredibly powerful Ocean modifier to make a cool sci-fi cinematic in EEVEE.
Easy Realtime Lightning in Blender EEVEE
Learn how to make and animate a pulsing lightning beam, and watch it play in realtime with Blender's new EEVEE render engine.
Animating Fireworks with Blender 2.8
Make an explosive firework effect with Blender's Particle Instance modifier, and learn to use large particle systems in animations.
How to make a Glitch Effect in Blender 2.8 (Tutorial)
Create a glitch title animation with procedural effects and lots of compositing, with depth of field and camera effects.
Making of: Terra Blade in Blender
Transform Terraria's Terra Blade into its 3D equivalent with Blender! Learn to build glassy materials and a special modelling technique to highlight sharp edges.
Modelling a Simple Guitar in Blender 2.8
Watch me make a guitar in Blender in this timelapse, and turn on subtitles to see some tips and tricks.
Making a Space Station in Blender EEVEE
I'll show you how to model and design a quick roller coaster simulation in Blender, set in space!
Making Awesome Grass in Blender EEVEE
Learn to animate a NPR grass field in Blender EEVEE using particles and physics!
How to make an ACR in Blender - Youtube Series
I'll be making an ACR from COD:Modern Warfare 3 in this tutorial, and annotating my tips as I go along. This is my general workflow for creating a gun in Blender from reference.